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4 Ways to Prevent Tinnitus

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Are you worried about developing tinnitus? Tinnitus is typically caused by an exposure to loud noises that ultimately damages your hearing to the point where you begin to hear things that are not there. While it is not dangerous or life threatening, it can certainly be annoying to the point that you might find that it does impact your personal and professional life. It can even cause stress and other more severe psychological issues. That’s why you should be looking at ways to avoid it if you can. There are a few possibilities to consider here and an audiologist will certainly be able to advise you on the right course of action.

Reduce your exposure to loud noise

The first step is to make sure that you are reducing your exposure to noises that could ultimately cause damage to your ears and impact your hearing, resulting in tinnitus. Examples of this can include the sound of large engines, trains passing you by, movie concerts, imax theatres and much more. It’s important to understand that the more you are exposed to these types of environments, the more likely it is that you will see some sort of impact on your hearing. Tinnitus starts gradually but overtime can grow increasingly severe to the point where it is impossible to ignore. If you make sure you limit your exposure to loud noises, you should never reach this point.

Use ear protection

Do make sure that you are investing in some form of ear protection if you are going to be exposed to loud noises that you are using the right level of ear protection. The type of protection you should be using will depend on the environment. For instance, in a work environment where there is heavy machinery, volumes will be loud and there is more of a risk. As such, it’s best to invest and use the most effective form of ear protection which is ear muffs.

Alternatively, for a music concert, you might instead want to use earplugs. These are good enough to take the majority of the volume away without blocking your hearing completely. In other words, you will still be able to enjoy some fantastic music or a film at an Imax theatre. It’s worth pointing out that you can also get custom ear protection designed specifically for your ears and that match the shape perfectly. These are available if you speak to your local audiologist.

Turn down the volume on devices

Do consider how loud you are listening to personal technology. These devices often present a hidden risk that most people will typically be completely unaware of. It may not seem like it but these small devices can generate noise loud enough to cause damage to your hearing so you do need to be prepared.

Speak to your employer

Finally, do speak to your employer if you are exposed to loud noises in your work. Remember, it is their job to keep you safe and that does include your hearing. If you feel that your employer isn’t living up to this responsibility, it’s always best to make some noise yourself and get the changes you need to keep your hearing safe.