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Hearing Health Blog

Here are a few tips to better communicate with someone with hearing loss. 1. Try facing the person when you are speaking to them. People with hearing loss often "use their eyes to hear better". This means that they are lip reading to compensate for their hearing loss. 2. Do you find yourself repeating the same phrase several times before

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Good health starts with good hygiene. For most of us, this means cleaning out every nook and cranny with hot water and soap… But while many of us may reach for a cotton swab as part of our daily personal hygiene regimen, many audiologists would not advise this. Earwax is part of your body’s defense against infections. Our earwax is

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Are you worried about developing tinnitus ? Tinnitus is typically caused by an exposure to loud noises that ultimately damages your hearing to the point where you begin to hear things that are not there. While it is not dangerous or life threatening, it can certainly be annoying to the point that you might find that it does impact your

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Severe damage to the ears caused by loud noises is preventable, but once it has occurred, you cannot reverse it. Using ear protection is non-invasive, cost-effective and a smarter way to protect your ears and hearing. This guide to ear protection will talk about the different options available and help you determine which product will best fit your lifestyle or

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