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Hearing Care Program At Your Place

This program has been designed to increase awareness of the importance of taking care of the hearing.

This program is perfect for Retirement homes, PSWs, Nurses and everyone who is interested in learning more about prevention, care and treatment of hearing loss. It is in fact, an opportunity that can add value to the services that some places provide for their residents at retirement homes, or Companies who work with patients that can be affected by hearing loss.

Our Program consist on a series of learning sessions, depending on the audience we need to target.  

  1. Conservation of the hearing (for Companies that work with loud noise, or teenagers and Yonge people exposed to recreational loud sounds)
  2. Facts about Hearing and consequences of a hearing loss
  3. Efficient communication with patients or loved ones with hearing impairment
  4. Screening test
  5. How to improve hearing abilities with the use of hearing aids

We recognize the importance of the roll that the PSWs, and Nurses play in taking care of their patients with hearing loss and hearing aids. For that reason, we have learning sessions to the PSWs and nurses, where we address common communication problems with the patients and how to trouble shoot small problems in the hearing devices.  

Our goal is to create awareness of the importance that a good hearing condition have in our lives, as we know that many people suffer in silence because they feel afraid of wearing hearing aids, or they prefer to be isolated in conversations, instead of taking active part in those situations.

For details on these programs, please visit our clinic or book an appointment with the Audiologist to explain you more about them.